The common commercial kitchen cleaning checklist

commercial kitchen cleaning

Are you wonder to know how to keep your kitchen clean and neat??  If yes, then you have to follow a certain time list to do the process.

The process of commercial kitchen cleaning is not so easy. It requires lots of efforts and time but it is necessary to keep the kitchen clean. The clean kitchen helps to protect from the infections. If you want to maintain your kitchen clean and hygiene, you have to follow some of the checklists.

Most of the restaurant follows a certain checklist to keep their kitchen clean. Some of the basic restaurant kitchen cleaning checklist is given below.

clean the stove

Daily cleaning process

  • Clean the surface: You have to clean all the preparation surface and table tops.
  • Replace the wastage: Clean the working place from the wastage things.
  • Clean the cooking appliances: The spills and splashes are unavoidable in cooking, so properly clean the kitchen appliance. You should clean the fryer, grill, pans, plate, etc using soapy water and strong brushes. You should clean the edges and corners of the appliance.
  • Clean wall splashes: While cooking, the wall gets splashed and spread all over the stove. So you should clean the wall and stove regularly.
  • Mop the floors: Clean your kitchen surface using a mop. Use the best antibiotic liquid to clean the kitchen surface.

Weekly cleaning process

  • Doors and windows: Weekly once you can clean the windows and doors. This is enough to keep it clean.
  • Clean walk-ins: Clean the walk-inks once in a week.
  • Ovens: You can clean the big ovens once in a week using baking soda and vinegar.
  • Clean water tanks: Clean the water tanks once a week to keep the pure water.

Monthly cleaning process

  • Clean the grease traps: Daily cleaning the grease traps is a waste of time. Once you can empty the grease and wash it with the help of professionals.
  • Clean the deep freezers: Once in a month empty the freezers and clean them using an antibiotic liquid.
  • Clean microwaves and coffee maker: Wash the microwaves and coffee maker with the soapy liquid.
  • Clean walls and shelves: Completely wash the walls, shelves, and windows using liquid and normal water. This helps to keep the whole kitchen looks clean and neat.

You can also follow this checklist for cleaning commercial kitchen. Try these things to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.