Guide to choose a cake designer for wedding

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Like every other member of your dream team, it’s often really big to find wedding cake vendors who are ideally matched with your taste, style and budget. In addition to the basics of availability for your big day it is crucial that you find a cake baker who can make your vision come into being… not to mention someone who is happy to work with during the entire process.

With a little research and insightful guide to choose a cake designer for wedding, it could be easier for you to find the wedding cake vendor who is right for you.

Determine your type, determine your style.

Until you begin to interview potential wedding cake vendors, make sure you have an idea of what you and your future wife want. Would you like an elaborate six-tier development or would you like a small size show cake? Do you have a fondant heart or does the buttercream frost more to your taste? Of course, if you’re totally unsure of what you would want in a wedding cake, a great baker will definitely help you get your choices right, but it helps to get you started with some good ideas.

Similarly, take time to bookmark or pin your favorite cake photos and refine your complete aesthetic. This is especially important if you are searching for more artistic elements such as fondant flowers, metallic detailing or hand painting that need a baker with those specific skill sets.

cake-designer-kentUse your network.

Reducing the wedding cake vendors’ choices can be overwhelming, so be not afraid to ask friends and family for personal suggestions. They may have experience working with a talented baker and can easily communicate.

Check trusted vendor guides online beyond your circle for a list of the top professionals in your field. It can be particularly helpful to read feedback from other couples if you sort your baker portfolios for the best fit.

Be prepared for your budget.

There is no point in being timid about the cost that you want to spend on a wedding cake, so plan on talking about prices either on the initial e-mail or in person. If there is a specific cake dealer, you would like to work with but don’t count them out of your budget yet. There are also several ways to save money on a wedding cake and hiring a cake designer for wedding as some vendors will happily use innovative cost saving strategies.

Again it is helpful to decide your style first so that wedding cake sellers can give you a specific quote instead of ball park costs.